Carolina Pink. Worm-seed or Indian Pink. Nat. Ord. Loganiaceae. Linn. Syst. Pen-tandria Monogynia. Hab. The United States.

Med. Prop. and Action. The root is anthelmintic in doses of gr. lx. - gr. clxxx. for adults. In larger doses, it causes vomiting and purging, and in still larger ones, it operates as an acro-narcotic poison; the symptoms being vertigo, dilated pupil, tetanic twitchings of the muscles, and delirium. Taken with an equal quantity of infusion of Senna, its effects are more speedy and certain (sec infra).

Dose for adults, gr. lx. - gr. clxxx.; for a child, gr. x. - gr. xx.

2604. Therapeutic Uses

Against Lumbrici or Round Worms, Spigelia is much employed in the United States. Dr. Dewees'* testimony in its favour is very strong. Of the many hundreds of cases in which he employed it, he states that in only one instance did he witness any unpleasant consequences follow its use, although it is popularly considered as a dangerous remedy. He administered the powdered root in the following doses: - For children of from one to two years 3ij., from two to five years 3iiss. - 3iij., from five to twelve years ss., and for an adult 3v. to 3vj. Given in these quantities, Dr. Dewees regards it as a safe and efficacious medicine. In the one instance in which he found it disagree, it produced slight delirium; but this passed off spontaneously in four or five hours.

2605. In Pruritus Ani Arising From The Presence Of Ascarides In The Rectum, Dr

Koreff found an infusion of Spigelia root (3jss. ad Aq. Oj.) very efficacious. He mentions one very severe case, which, after resisting all other remedies, completely yielded in eight days to this medicine.

2606. In Infantile Remittent And Other Fevers, Spigelia Is Favourably Spoken Of By Drs

Barton, Hope, and other American physicians; but there is no evidence of its efficacy, excepting that it causes the expulsion of worms, on the presence of which these fevers so often depend.

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Spiritcs Pyroxylicus Rectificatus. See Naphtha (Wood).