The German physicians place much reliance on Tartar Emetic in this disease. Stoll administered it in very large doses, gr. vij. often repeated; but this practice has few advocates. Dr. Hoegh Guldberg recommends it in doses of gr. 1/2, in solution; and if this does not produce nausea, he increases it to gr. j., or even gr. iss.; and this treatment he continues for two or three days, if the excitement does not abate. He states that he has found this plan very successful, and that he has never seen it produce any ill effects. It is rarely given by itself in England, but in combination with Opium it produces the most salutary effects; often inducing tranquillity and sleep, when Opium alone has failed to produce these effects. This combination was introduced into England by Dr. Graves, but it had been previously advised and employed by Dr. Thummel, of Berlin. In other forms of delirium this combination has been successfully employed by Dr. Law § and others.