b. Strychnos Ignatii. The tree which yields St. Ignatius' Beans. Hab. The Philippine Islands.

c. Strychnos Tieute. A tree from which is obtained an extract called Upas Tieute Tjettek. Hab. Java.

These three trees may be considered together, their action being closely allied, and their active principle being the same; viz. Strychnia. They all belong to the Nat. Ord. Loganiaceae;. Their medical uses are the same as those of Strychnos Nux Vomica, for which they may be substituted; but the greatest caution is necessary in their use, and they should always be discontinued for a short period, when twitchings or stiffness of the muscles occur. St. Ignatius' beans yield 1.2 per cent. of Strychnia.