Iodide of Sulphur. IS2. A compound of Iodine 7975, Sulphur 2025, in 100 parts.

Med. Prop. awl Action. Similar to those of Iodine. It is used externally in the form of ointment (gr. x. - xx., Lard oz. j.). Dose, gr. 1/2 - v. daily, in the form of pill.

* Clin. Lect., vol. i. p. 566. Prov. Joum., Oct 1, 1851.

Lib. of Med., vol. ii. p. 214. § Med. Times, June 1847,

2679. Therapeutic Uses

In Cutaneous Diseases, particularly those of a squamous and tubercular character, the Iodide, externally applied, is strongly recommended by Alibert, Biett, Rayer, &c.; and Dr. Escolar,* of Madrid, employed it internally, in doses of gr. ij. - vj., with great advantage. Dr. Copland speaks highly of its value. In Acne Indurata and Posacea, it is advised by Dr. Todd; in Prurigo Senilis, Lepra, and Psoriasis, by Dr. Davidson;§ and it has been found very effectual also in Favus Confertus, Lupus, Tinea Capitis, Chroidc Eczema, Lichen, Alopecia, &c. Its application is attended with some heat and pain; and if applied to large surfaces, it sometimes produces Erysipelas. In Sycosis, the ointment (ante) is advised by Mr. E. Wilson.

2680. In Humoral Asthma, Dr

Copland || states that he has seen the inhalation of the vapour of the Iodide afford great temporary relief in one case.