Acidum Sulphurosum. Sulphurous Acid (SO2) dissolved in Water. Sp. Gr. 1.04. Prepared by distilling Sulphuric Acid with Wood Charcoal.

Med. Prop. and Action. Its value as an external application depends on its power of destroying parasitic vegetable growths. It has hence been found useful in those skin diseases, of which vegetable growths are the pretmmed cause. Externally applied, it causss irritation and redness, and it is therefore generally diluted with two or three parts of water. Lint soaked with this lotion is applied to the part and covered with oiled skin, or the strong solution of the acid may be added to an equal quantity of glycerine and the mixture painted on the affected skin; § or the surface may be exposed to the fumes of burning Sulphur. The suffocating character of the vapour renders it unfit for internal administration.

2697. Therapeutic Uses

In Tinea favosa, T. tonsurans, T. decalvans, and T. sycosa, it was used with success by Dr. W. Jenner,|| who introduced it. In Favus (Tinea favosa) the crusts are to be removed, the head shaved, and lint wet with Sulphurous Acid lotion is to be applied. The head is to be then covered with an oiled silk cap. Professor J. H. Bennett,¶ of Edinburgh, treated five cases of Favus in this manner. The worst case recovered, but the others relapsed after the Sulphurous Acid was suspended. Dr. Jenner is stated to have found it useful in Pityriasis Versicolor** (Liver Spots).