In these cases Tartar Emetic has occasionally been used for the purpose of relaxing the muscular system, and facilitating the return of the bowel. It is rarely advisable, and is inferior in efficacy to Chloroform or Opium. If used, it should never be given in sufficient doses to produce vomiting, as the violent action of the abdominal muscles thus induced may increase the mischief.

272. Parturition In tedious labours depending upon an undilated state of the os uteri, Tartar Emetic will often be found of the most signal benefit in relaxing the parts. Bloodletting should precede its administration. Dr. E. Kennedy, of Dublin, first introduced its use; and Dr. Churchill § recommends the following formula: -271 Strangulated Hernia 30 Magnes. Sulph. j., Infus. Senna? fvijss., Ant Pot. Tart. gr. iij.; Syr. Zingib. fss., M. Of this, two tablespoonfuls should be given every hour, or half-hour, so as to keep up a degree of nausea short of actual vomiting. Dr. Churchill observes that, given in this manner, Antimony is an exceedingly valuable remedy, perfectly safe, and very successful. Dr. Tyler Smith* also bears testimony to its efficacy.

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