Dr. Maxwell. of the Madras Medical Ser-vice, advises Tartar Emetic in these cases to be given in repeated doses, so as to keep the system fully under its influence. It is advised to be given largely diluted in hot water, and the action to be assisted by copious draughts of hot diluents. Two days are required to remove the ptyalism. This method does not appear to have been so successful in the hands of others as in those of Dr. Maxwell.

274. Syphilis

Tartar Emetic, as a remedy for Syphilis, is advised by Mr. Smee. He employs it in doses of gr. 1/8 - 1/4, every four hours, both in the primary and secondary forms of Syphilis. If much debility exists, he combines it with a course of Iron or Zinc. It has also been extensively employed by Dr. Willebrand, § of Finland. Cases of primitive chancre were cured by its internal use alone, in from ten to twenty days, no application having been made to the sore but simple water dressing. In a few cases in which there was much induration, a cure was not effected. In 30 cases of secondary Syphilis, all symptoms of the disease disappeared in from eleven to fifteen days. Syphilitic eruptions rapidly and easily yielded. The dose generally employed was half a grain six or eight times a day. Mercury in every form was avoided. Cleanliness, repose, and a regulated diet were the only other means adopted.