In reducing long-standing dislocations, Tartar Emetic is a valuable adjunct to blood-letting and the hot bath, in relaxing the muscular system. The dose must be regu- lated by the strength and age of the patient. It should be given until it produces complete nausea. Continued vomiting should be avoided. Chloroform has almost entirely superseded the use of these measures.

276. In Acute Dropsy, Tartar Emetic proves useful as a seda-tive and diaphoretic, and may advantageously be combined with the Bitartrate of Potash, or with Squills. It has the recommendation of Sydenham, Van Helmont, and other high authorities. In some cases it forms a useful adjunct to Calomel. At the same time, counter-irritation with Tartar Emetic ointment, at some distance from the most affected parts, proves useful. (Copland. ||)

277. In Influenza, Tartar Emetic, In Nauseant Doses, Proves Highly Serviceable

It often is most beneficial to give it in combination with small doses of Opium, as advised by Dr. Graves, or with PotassAe Nitras.

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278. In obstinate Constipation dependent upon the absence of Mucus to lubricate the Intestines, Tartar Emetic sometimes produces relief. Dr. Nevins * mentions, in illustration, the case of an old man who had no evacuation from the bowels for eleven days, notwithstanding the employment of purgatives of every description, and of glysters, great and small. He administered the salt in doses of gr. 1/4, every hour, with 3j. Magnes. Sulph. He was constantly nauseated by it, and in six hours passed a mass of hardened feces; after which he had no further ailment.

279. In Acute Orchitis, An Antimonial Emetic, Followed By Nauseating Doses Of Antim

Tart., has often a marked effect in reducing the swelling and relieving the pain. Mr. Hunter suggests that the effects of the vomit most probably arise from sympathy between the stomach and the testicle. It should not be used to the exclusion of leeches, fomentations, and other local measures.