When much flatulent distension and severe colicky pains attend the internal seizure, or remain after other medicines are employed, equal parts of the Oil of Turpentine and of Castor Oil (f 3iv. to f 3vj. of each) may be given on the surface of an aromatic water, with or without a warm tincture; and an enema containing the same oil may be administered a few hours afterwards, to promote its operation. (Copland.)

2769. In Diabetes, Dr

Copland* advises the following liniment to be rubbed into the loins and epigastrium: -2769 In Diabetes Dr 238 Lin. Camphor. Co., Ol. Terebinth., Lin. Sapon. Co. āā fj., Pulv. Opii 3j., Pulv. Capsici 3ss , Ol. Limon. xxx., M. ft. linimentum. He states that he has found this application extremely useful in the excessive discharge of albuminous urine, which is not unfrequently met with in young subjects; and that he has also employed it in the mellitic state of the urine, but it was difficult to say what share of the temporary benefit was owing to it.

2770. Nervous and Hysterical Palpitations are often immediately removed by the application of a hot flannel, sprinkled with the Spirit of Turpentine, over the region of the heart.

2771. In Croup, Dr

Copland states, that in several cases he has directed, after a moderate depletion and after the operation of an emetic, a piece of folded flannel to be wrung out of hot water, freely sprinkled with the Oil of Turpentine, and applied around the neck and throat. This application has given instant relief; and he adds, that in his practice, it has proved more successful than any other remedy, local or constitutional. It may be employed at any period of the disease, and is highly beneficial in all its forms.

2772. In Chronic Inflammation of the Heart, Turpentine, in doses sufficient to excite some degree of urinary irritation, is advised by Dr. Joy. It is particularly serviceable in those cases arising in connection with rheumatism.

2773. In cases of extremely severe or neglected Bronchitis associated with Emphysema of the Lungs, when the surface of the body becomes cold, and the pulse exceedingly small and feeble; and when, from the accumulation of fluid in the bronchial tubes, and the inability of the patient to expectorate, asphyxia is threatened, ordinary stimulants prove of little avail. In these cases Dr. Waters§ has been induced to try large doses of Turpentine (fl. drm. j. - fl. oz. ss.), on a plan originally suggested by Dr. Corrigan, of Dublin. The dose is repeated at intervals of two hours. He has recorded cases in which, under this treatment, the patient has rallied, the expectorating power has increased, the dyspnoea has become less, and recovery has taken place from a condition which appeared hopeless. In Chronic Bronchitis, the following liniment, supposed to be an imitation of that used by St. John Long, is stated by Dr. Graves * to be highly serviceable: -2771 In Croup Dr 239 Ol. Terebinth. fiij., Acid. Acet. Fort. fss., Vitel. Ovi j., Aq. Rosmar. fiiss., Ol. Limon. f3j., M. This should be well rubbed in over the chest, the nape of the neck, also over the epigastrium, and in the course of the cervico-spinal and pneumo-gastric nerves generally. In Gangrene of the Lungs, Skoda successfully employed terebinthinate inhalations prepared by pouring the Essence of Turpentine on boiling water. The patient is directed to inhale the vapour for fifteen minutes every two hours.

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2774. Dropsical Affections

In Ascites, not connected with renal disease, with great gastric irritability, nor with inflammatory action, the Oil of Turpentine is occasionally beneficial, when given in doses sufficient to act freely on the bowels and kidneys. In Ovarian Dropsy, it has been advised externally, but is of very doubtful efficacy. In incipient Hydrocephalus, Turpentine, in doses of v. - x., with xx. - xl. of Ol. Ricini, is advised by Dr. Copland, who also speaks favourably of Terebinthinate enemas. Administered in the latter mode, it often proves highly serviceable.

2775. In Deafness depending upon deficient secretion of Cerumen, much benefit attends the following application: - ℞ Ol. Amygdalae fss., Ol. Terebinth. gutt. xl., M. Of this, a few drops may be dropped into the meatus, or introduced on a small piece of cotton.

2776. For Chilblains, a liniment composed of equal parts of Turpentine, Camphor, and Olive Oil, or of equal parts of Turpentine and Copaiba, is stated to prove very serviceable.

2777. Porrigo Decalvans, According To

Dr. A. T. Thompson, seldom resists the application, twice or thrice daily, of a liniment composed of one part of the Spirit of Turpentine and two of Alcohol.