A thick, soft, black electuary much used in India in many affections characterised by oedema. It is an imported article, and from a printed paper in Persian characters which accompanies each canister, it is professedly the Theriaca Andromachi of old writers, and is prepared at Venice, whence it is exported to the East.

2788. Therapeutic Uses

In Beri-beri, it has been extensively used in doses of gr. v. - xv. in the form of pill. Dr. Malcolmson advises the following formula:- ℞ Pulv. Rhei;3iiss., Treeak Farook ss., Conf. Aromat. 3ss., Mellis q. s., M. et divide in pil. xlviij. Sumat. ij. - iij. nocte maneque. If it purges, the quantity of Rhubarb must be diminished. It often fails in the acute I stage, and has little influence on the paralytic symptoms. It is chiefly useful in chronic cases when oedema forms the principal feature. The sparing use of fluids favours its operation.

2789. In oedema of the Face, unconnected with Beri-beri, occurring in the natives of India, it often proves signally bene- ficial when persevered in for two or three weeks. In the Chronic I Rheumatism of Sepoys, which is often attended with oedema, it also proves very serviceable.