Wild Valerian. Nat. Ord. Valerianaceae. Linn. Syst. Triandria Monogynia. Hab. Various parts of Europe. The dried root (Valerian) is officinal.

Med. Prop. and Action. Stimulant and anti-spasmodic. Active principles, a volatile oil, and an acid fatty matter, Valerianic Acid, which forms soluble salts with bases. It ranks in efficacy next to Assaftida, and is said to be a useful adjunct to Cinchona in intermittents. Its unpleasant taste is effectually concealed by combining it with Mace or Cinnamon.

Offic. Prep. 1. Infusum Valerianae (Valerian bruised grs. cxx.; Boiling Distilled Water fl. oz x.). Dose, fl. oz. j. - fl. oz. ij.

2. Tinctura Valerianae (Valerian Bruised Oz

iiss.; Proof Spirit Oj. Prepared by maceration and percolation). Dose, xxx. - fl. drs. ij.

3. Tinctura Valerianae Ammoniata (Valerian Bruised Oz

iiss.; Aromatic Spirit of Ammonia Oj.). Dose, xxx.-fl. drs. iss.

Dote of Valerian Root in powder, gr. xv. - gr. xl.

2800. Therapeutic Uses

In Epilepsy, the value of Valerian has been variously estimated, being highly spoken of by Willis, Fothergill, Brisbane, Haller, and others; whilst Cullen, Heber-den, Home, &c, regard it as a remedy of very inconsiderable power. Dr. Copland* thinks very favourably of its action, when it is appropriately exhibited, and depletions and evacuations have been premised in plethoric cases. The essential oil, and the compound tincture, are the best forms for internal use. It may also be exhibited in enemata. The same remarks apply to Chorea. The efficacy of this remedy is greatly increased by a combination with Zinc. (See Zinci Valerianas.)

2801. In Insanity, Dr

Copland states that the infusion and compound tincture of Valerian have proved, in some cases of Mania, Monomania, or Melancholia, of great service. When these affections are associated with hysterical symptoms, or when the patient entertains an idea of committing suicide, or has a disposition to indulge or to adopt any dangerous caprice, these preparations are often beneficial, particularly after appropriate evacuations, and in combination with the Acetate of Ammonia, or with alkaline carbonates, or with Digitalis, Hyos-cyamus, &c. In Delirium, when the vital energies are greatly depressed, it often proves useful, combined with Camphor, &c.

2802. In Typhoid Fevers, Dr

Copland states that he has given the infusion of Valerian with advantage, and that he has made it the vehicle for the Chlorate of Potash, Camphor, &c. It is indicated in such states of fever as require a gentle tonic, and stimulant of the nervous influence, particularly when the nervous symptoms are prominent, although the head be cool, and the pulse weak. In these circumstances, it may be conjoined with Camphor, tonics, &c. In the Coma of Typhus, the Essential Oil of Valerian was employed in 172 cases by Barrallier: the remedy was successful in 135, the effects in some instances being very remarkable. Dose, j. in Syrup and Water every half-hour until v. - viij. have been taken. (Murchison)

* Dict. Pract. Med., vol. i. p. 808. Ibid., vol. ii p. 533.

Ibid., vol. i. p. 1031.

2803. In the advanced stages of Pneumonia, the compound tincture has been found useful, combined with Camphor, &c, but it is inferior in efficacy to Musk. (See Moschus, sect. 1843.)

2804. In Neuralgia, particularly when associated with Hysteria, the compound tincture, combined with Guaiacum, proves serviceable.

2805. In Hysteria, it proves highly serviceable, and may be advantageously given, both during the paroxysms and in the intervals. In some cases, its beneficial effects are immediate; in others, the remedy requires to be persevered in for a short period. In Hysterical Headaches, it is particularly serviceable. Dr. Conolly* advises the following formulAe: -2802 In Typhoid Fevers Dr 242 T. Valerian. Ammon., Sp. Ether. Sulph. Co. āā fss , Mist. Camph. fiss., M.; or,T. Valerian. Am. f 3j., Acid. Sulph. Dil. xv., Mist. Camph. fiss., M. ft. haust. bis terve in die sumend. Dr. Ash-well speaks highly of the following: -T. Valerian., Sp. Ether. Sulph. Co., Sp. Lavand. Co. āā f 3ss., T. Hyoscyam. xx., Mist. Camph. f3x., M. In Hysterical Palpitations, the use of Valerian is generally attended with immediate benefit. Either of the preceding formulae may be given advantageously.

2806. Musc Volitantes, According To The Experience Of

Mr. Ware, often disappear under the use of the annexed formula: -

2806 Musc Volitantes According To The Experience O 245 T. Valerian. Am., T. Castor, āā f3ij., Mist. Camph. fvj., M. cap. coch. amp. j. - ij. pro dos.