Wine. The fermented juice of the fruit of Vitis Vinifera. Although only one kind of Wine, Vinum Xericum, Sherry, or White Wine, is officinal, others, as Port, Claret, Madeira, Champagne, &c, are used as remedies in several forms of disease, particularly in acute inflammations and fevers, when typhoid symptoms develop themselves. Wine is a diffusible stimulant, increasing the force and frequency of the pulse, causing an increased heat of the surface, and excitement of the vascular system. In large quantities it proves intoxicating. Wine varies in strength according to the quantity of Alcohol which it contains, and apparently, also, in part, according to the quantity of Carbonic Acid which it evolves: thus Champagne, which abounds in the latter, is more intoxicating than Sherry or Madeira, which contains but a small portion. Wine is employed pharma-ceutically as a solvent for many substances.

Therapeutic Uses. See Stimulants.