Acetate of Zinc. ZnO, C4H3O3 + 2 HO.

Prepared by the action of Acetic Acid on Carbonate of Zinc.

Med. Prop. and Action. Astringent, chiefly used in collyria and in injections. In its medicinal properties it resembles the Sulphate. In doses of gr. j. - gr. ij., it is tonic and anti-spasmodic; gr. x. - gr. xx. prove emetic, but it is rarely given internally.

2827. Therapeutic Uses

In Gonorrhoea, Gleet, and Leucorrha, unattended by inflammatory action, a solution of the Acetate of Zinc (gr. ij. - iv. ad Aq. fl. oz. j.) forms a useful injection. Sir Astley Cooper* regarded the following formula as one of the best which could be employed: -2827 Therapeutic Uses 248 Zinci Sulph. gr. vj., Liq. Plumb. Diacet. Dil. fiv., M. ft. injectio. In this formula, decomposition takes place, and the Acetate of Zinc results.

2828. In the Ophthalmia of Children and Infants, I have seen the best effects from the above formula of Sir A. Cooper, still further diluted, according to the severity of the case.

2829. In Typhoid Fever, Dr

Heer speaks favourably of the Acetate of Zinc; he does not trust to it alone, but conjoins it with stimulants, anti-spasmodics, and other remedies, as indicated.