Valerianate of Zinc. ZnO, C10H9O3. Prepared by decomposing Valerianate of Soda with Sulphate of Zinc.

Med. Prop. and Action. Nervine tonic and anti-spasmodic. It is said also to act as an anthelmintic. It is best given in the form of pill with Conf. RosAe, or suspended in a little mucilage.

Dose, gr. 1/2 increased to gr. iij., twice or thrice daily.

2871. Therapeutic Uses

In Epilepsy, the Valerianate is found of superior efficacy to all the other salts of Zinc. It should be commenced in small doses (gr. j.), and gradually increased as the stomach is able to bear it. Dr. Baretti¶ relates four long-

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standing cases, which were successfully treated by it; and other instances in which it has proved effectual are recorded.

2872. In Chorea, it has also been employed; but it does not appear to be so effectual as the Sulphate. Dr. Danet* has recorded a severe case of Hiccough of fifteen days' duration cured by the Valerianate (gr. 3/4th), with a small portion of Ext. Bella-donnAe. Hysterical Cough, connected with arrest of the menstrual function, has been successfully treated by Prof. G. Harley with Valerianate of Zinc and the cold douche.

2873. In Neuralgia, The Valerianate Occasionally Affords Great And Permanent Relief

M. Devay relates several instances in which it proved highly serviceable; and from which it appears that its curative powers are confined to those cases in which the disease is purely nervous, and to those neuralgic affections which accompany uterine derangement.