For pain in the Left side, so constantly found associated with Hysteria, Dr. Conolly advises the application of Tartar Emetic Ointment (3j. to 3ij. or 3iij. of Lard), to be rubbed over that portion of the spine which supplies the part with nerves. The surface should be previously washed with warm vinegar. In most cases it creates great irritation, and it seems doubtful whether the pain decreases in proportion to the irritation it occasions. Dr. O'Beirne and Mr. Tate speak highly of its efficacy.

292. Tic Douloureux and Neuralgic Affections are often benefited by Tartar Emetic counter-irritation over the affected part. It is favourably spoken of by Hausbrandt. § When these affections, however, arise from derangement of the digestive or uterine organs, it fails of affording much relief.

293. In the Paralysis of Children, the region of the spine should be rubbed with the ointment. Its effects are most beneficial, especially when one leg only is affected. It is sometimes necessary to keep an eruption out for many weeks. (Pereira.||)

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294. To Foul Ulcers, Fungous Growths, Venereal Waits, and Tinia Capitis, the late Sir William Blizard advised a stimulating wash, composed of j. of Ant. Tart. in fj. of water. (lb.)