Apiolum. The peculiar principle of the seeds of Petroselinum sativum, or Common Parsley, obtained by treating them with Alcohol at 158° to 176° F. It occurs in the form of a yellowish oily liquid, with an odour somewhat resembling the powdered seeds and an acrid piquant taste. Is soluble in alcohol, ether, and chloroform.

Med. Prop. and Action. Tonic, anti-periodic, and emmenagogue. Joret and Homollet found that, when taken in doses of gutt. vij. - xv., it occasioned slight cerebral excitement, similar to that produced by coffee, together with. epigastric warmth. In doses of f 3ss. - f 3j., it caused vertigo, tinnitus aurium, headache, &c, similar to the effects produced by a strong dose of Quinine; Occasionally, its use was followed by nausea, colic, and bilious diarrhoea. Dose, gutt. viij. - xv. in syrup.

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301. Therapeutic Uses

In Intermittent Fevers the value of Apiol has been examined by Joret and Homolle.* Of 43 cases of all types, collected from various parts of France, 37 were cured, and in the remaining 6 the fever was modified, but not removed. Of 30 cases occurring in hot climates, only 16 were cured. From these facts it is concluded that, if Apiol be not of equal value to Quinine in the intermittents of hot climates, it may yet be very well substituted for it in indigenous, i.e. European, intermittents: other facts in favour of this remedy are adduced by M. Joret. Dr. Jacquot. however, subjected it to a trial in the military hospitals at Rome, and expresses great doubt as to its efficacy, only one case in six yielding completely to the remedy. It apparently deserves to be classed amongst those minor remedies which often prove successful in mild cases of intermittents. The usual dose is gutt. xv., gradually increased. In Intermittent Neuralgia and in the Night Sweats of Phthisis, Joret and Homolle consider that this remedy is likely to prove serviceable.

302. In Amenorrha And Dysmenorrha, Apiol, According To Dr

Joret,§ is one of the safest and best emmenagogues which can be employed, not being contra-indicated even in cases of incipient pregnancy. It is thought to be especially adapted for these states when they arise from a diminution or excess or perversion of the vitality of the uterus, attended with local or general nervous symptoms. To be effectual, it requires to be adminis;

at those periods when the menstrual discharge would be naturally expected to return, and to be continued for five or six successive days. A dose should be taken night and morning.