In Chronic Rheumatism and Rheumatic Paralysis, electro-magnetism is often productive of benefit. It is particularly recommended by Dr. Davies,** of Bath, who ascribes the benefit derived from it to its re-establishing the electric current in the muscles, which he supposes is diminished and interrupted by the rheumatic condition of the system. Dr. Bence Jones,* on the other hand, employed it in this class of diseases (paralytic), and reports unfavourably of its efficacy. Prof. Winer, after relating three cases of Paralysis cured by this agent, observes that in this and in every other disease in which it was applied, a peculiar febrile action always preceded its beneficial operation. Both Faradisation and Galvanism have been employed with great success by Dr. Althaus in various forms of Rheumatism and Paralysis. With regard to the former disease, he states that the curative influence of Faradisation is most remarkable in rheumatism of the deltoid. The removal of rheumatic effusions in the joints is said to be expedited by Faradisation and Galvanism. If the effusion be considerable, the latter form is to be preferred.

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3077. In Neuralgia the result of accident, electro-magnetism has been successfully employed by Mr. Tuson.§ Dr. Wisgrill,|| amongst many cases of Tic Douloureux, relates one of twenty-five years' standing, which was cured by electro-magnetism. It was applied first once a day for a short period, and subsequently twice a day, for a full hour each time. Dr. Althaus has found great benefit from the use both of the induced and continuous current in the treatment of Neuralgia. Various forms of Ansthesia from paralysis of the sentient nerves have been found to be greatly benefited by Faradisation. Dr. Althaus mentions a case of Deafness which was cured by it.

3078. In Periodic Convulsions, Dr

Byrne ¶ (U.S.) found this agent of the highest service. The poles of an ordinary electromagnetic battery were applied, one to the occiput, and the other to the sacrum.

3079. In Hydroceles Of Recent Occurrence, Prof

Frost** (U.S.) advises the use of electro-magnetism. He relates an illustrative case in which it appeared to promote the absorption of the effused fluid.

3080. In Opacities Of The Cornea, Faradisation Is Recommended By Dr

Althaus, who quotes Dr. A. Von Graefe in its support. The latter used, in patients in whom both eyes were similarly affected, the induced current on the one, and Laudanum, Nitrate of Silver, &c, on the other, with the result that the cure by Faradisation was much more rapid than by the other means.

3081. In indolent Ulcers and Wounds, both Faradisation and

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Galvanization have been successfully employed to stimulate the healing process by Dr. Althaus and Mr. T. Spencer Wells. *

3082. To stimulate the secretion of Milk, Faradisation has been successfully employed by Dr. Skinner,t of Liverpool, Dr. Althaus, and others. In a case of Suppression of Milk, electricity proved successful in the hands of M. Bequerel. It was passed in various directions through the substance of the breast, by means of moistened sponges applied to the ends of the wires. Its effect was almost instantaneous.