Silver. A metal, which, in its native state, appears to be totally inert. Medicinally, it is, however, of great value, as the basis of the following preparations.

309. Argenti Chloridum

Chloride of Silver. Ag Cl. Called also the Chloruret and the Muriate, of Silver, is obtained by adding a solution of common salt, or Hydrochloric Acid, to a solution of Nitrate of Silver.

Med. Prop. and Action. Alterative and emetic.

I Dose. As an Alterative, gr. 1/4 - gr. iij. thrice daily. In doses of gr. xxx. it acts as an emetic.

310. Therapeutic Uses

Scrofula. Dr. Sicard states that, for many years, he successfully employed the Chloride of Silver in these cases. He gives it in form of lozenge, with chocolate, in doses of gr. 1/12, half an hour after each meal. The dose may be gradually increased to 1/10 - 1/8 of a grain. He also uses it externally, in the form of ointment.

311. Syphilis

M. Serre. of Montpellier, made many trials with the Chloride in Syphilis, and, although it occasionally proved beneficial, he found that it could not be depended upon. Biett § also tried this and the other salts of Silver in Syphilis. He states that he has never seen it beneficial, and that, in some cases, it was manifestly injurious.