In Local Paralysis unattended by organic lesion of the nervous centres, particularly in Mercurial and Lead Palsy, galvanism has proved highly serviceable. Mr. Grantham found it particularly useful in a peculiar form of Paralysis which attacks block-printers. In Incontinence of Urine in Children dependent on loss of nervous power, Mr. Simon§; successfully employed galvanism, the current being passed along a catheter which had been previously introduced into the bladder. In Paralysis of the Bladder and Vesical Catarrh, electricity proved effectual in the hands of M. Peterquin; || and a case of Impotence cured by the same means is recorded by Dr. N. Althaus.¶ Dr. Rodolfi has successfully employed electricity in the case of Hydrocele.**

3084. In Neuralgia, Galvanism Sometimes Succeeds When Other Remedies Fail

Its use requires to be persevered in.

3085. In Spasmodic Asthma, Dr

Wilson Philip employed galvanism. By transmitting its influence from the nape of the neck to the pit of the stomach, he gave decided relief in every one of the twenty-two cases in which he employed it. The power varied from ten to twenty-five pairs of plates. He also found it, when thus applied, very serviceable in some cases of Indigestion.

3086. In Beri-Beri, Galvanism Was Employed With Benefit In Some Cases By Dr

George Thompson. of the Madras Service. It was obtained from fifty small plates, and sent through the spine, by small blistered surfaces on the neck, sacrum, and feet, for ten minutes. In one case the patient was able to walk between two men after the first application; and after the second, with the assistance of one. He gradually recovered. It was found much more effectual when directed through the spinal cord than along the nerves of the extremities. Dr. Malcolmson considers that galvanism will probably be of use in the removal of the paralytic symptoms.

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3087. In Organic Diseases of the Eye, in Opacity of the Cornea, Incipient Cataract, &c., galvanism was employed extensively by Dr. Crusell, of Finland. The success of the treatment is said to have been very striking. Dr. Lerche,* of St. Petersburg, adopted the same practice, and performed some remarkable cures in that city. Mr. H. Lobb has recorded an interesting case of Rheumatic Ophthalmia cured by galvanism; he adds, that in all cases of Ophthalmia in which he used the continuous galvanic current, a rapid cure was effected. Dr. Althaus, however, advocates Faradisation in preference to galvanization in the treatment of opacities of the cornea, in consequence of the peculiar action of the continuous current on the retina (ante).