The nipple should be first carefully dried, and touched with a sharp point of the Nitrate, care being taken to insinuate the pencil into the fissures. The part is then to be washed with a little warm milk and water. The pain which this causes soon subsides, and a few dressings of Ung. Zinci will complete the cure. This treatment, which was first proposed by Dr. Hannay, has been found very effectual.

359. To Corns The Local Application Of The Solid Nitrate Is Advised By

Mr. Higginbottom. The corns should be first soaked in hot water, and pared down. The Nitrate should be lightly passed over the surface, and repeated every ten or twelve days until the corn is destroyed. In removing warts it is also very effectual; it may be repeated once or twice a week until their removal is effected. In Onychia a resolution of the disease has apparently followed blackening the diseased surface with the Nitrate in substance or in solution. Mr. Liston,§ indeed, regards it almost as a specific. Severe hmorrhage from leech bites, or after the extraction of teeth, is often effectually arrested by applying the Nitrate, sharpened to a point, to the bleeding part.

360. In many forms of Ulcers, the Nitrate is effectual in establishing a healthy surface, and promoting cicatrization. To healthy Ulcers, if extensive or if exuberant granulations exist, to weak and indolent Ulcers, and also to irritable Ulcers, the Nitrate, either in substance or solution (gr. j. - vj., Aq. Dest. fl. oz. j.), may be used with advantage. Mr. Higginbottom|| advises, when the ulcer is not very extensive, and free from inflammation, to apply the Nitrate in substance to the sore, and also very lightly over the surrounding skin; a scab forms; and in most cases, when suppuration ceases, and the scab is removed, cicatrization is complete. After the application of the Nitrate, the ulcer should be covered with goldbeater's skin, and exposed to the light. If suppuration continues, an incision with a lancet is made in the centre of the eschar, to allow the escape of the pus. Mr. Higgin-bottom strongly insists on the superiority of the ordinary brittle stick Nitrate of Silver to the "tough lunar caustic points" which have been introduced of late years. The latter, on account of greater insolubility, he considers worthless as an application in surgical cases.*

* Mat. Med. vol. i. p. 970. Med. Gaz. vols. v. and xiv. Op. cit. p. 177.

§ Elements of Surgery, part ii. p. 317. || Op. cit. p. 112.

361. Other Diseases

In Deafness depending upon a thickened state of the Membrana Tympani, Mr. Toynbee states that a great improvement, if not a total cure, will follow the use of a solution of the Nitrate (3ss. - 3j. ad Aq. fj.). Proceeding from the exterior of the orifice of the meatus, the passage may be touched to an extent varying from one-half to two-thirds of its length, every three or four days. In some cases, the Membrana Tympani may also be washed with a solution (gr. vj. ad Aq. fj.). When congestion exists, leeches should be applied at the same time, below, not behind the ear. It is advisable to eombine this treatment with an alterative course of Pilul. Hydrargyri, or Hydrargyrum c. Creta. Dr. T. M'Call Anderson recommends a similar local treatment in Eczema of the external auditory passages (eczema meatus).