Liquor PotassAe Arsenitis (Ph. Lond.). Fowler's Solution. Tasteless Ague Drop. A mixed Solution of Arsenite and Carbonate of Potash.

Med. Prop. and Action. Are nearly similar to those of Arsenious Acid. It occasionally, however, succeeds when the acid fails, and vice versa. It is the form of Arsenic best adapted for children, when it is considered advisable to administer so powerful a medicine; fl. oz. j. contains gr. iv. of Arsenious Acid, and fl. drm. j. gr. 1/2.

* Dublin Quart. Journ, Nov. 1849, On Diseases of the Scalp, 1848.

Dote, eij. - v. - viij. twice or thrice daily.

Incompatibles. Acids; Acidulous Salts; Sulphuretted Hydrogen and its compounds; the Sulphates of Magnesia, Iron, and Copper; the Chlorides of Calcium, Iron, and Barium; Nitrate of Silver; Alum; and Decoction of Cinchona.

Therapeutic Uses and Rules for administration. See Acidum Arseniosum.