L. A Solution of Arsenious Acid in Hydrochloric Acid. Dr. Valangin's Solutio Solventis Mineralis. Philips's Solution of Chloride of Arsenic.

Med. Prop. and Action. This preparation has been erroneously supposed to be a solution of Chloride of Arsenic, whereas it really contains Arsenious Acid. It has been supposed to produce less gastric irritation than Liquor Arsenicalis. But this is probably owing to the smaller quantity of Arsenic it contains; fl. oz. j. containing only gr. iss. of Arsenious Acid. Drs. Pereira* and Garrod have been unable to observe any superiority in its action over that of the Solution of Arsenite of Potash. It is omitted in the British Pharmacopoeia.

Dose, eiij. - ex. thrice daily.

Therapeutic Uses. Similar to those of Liquor Arsenicalis.