Semen Contra of the Levant and Aleppo.

Artemesia Judaica. Indian Semen Contra. Hab. Arabia, China, &c.

Artemesia Santonica. Wormseed or Semen Santonicum. Hab. Persia. Imported from Russia.

Med. Prop. and Action. The unexpanded flower-heads of these three species of Artemesia are valuable anthelmintics, and are much esteemed in the East. In the round and long worm (lumbricus teres) they are especially useful. Their action is heating and stimulant. The dose gr. lx. or more, finely powdered, should be given in electuary or diffused through milk, and taken on an empty stomach. In infusion or decoction the bitterness is disgusting. Cathartics should follow or accompany their use. Their vermifuge properties depend upon a volatile oil and a peculiar principle, Santonin (Santoninum).

Offic. Prep. Santoninum. (See art. Santoninum.)

Dose of Wormseed, gr. lx. - gr. cxx.