Calamus Aromaticus. Sweet Flag. Nat. Ord. Gramineae. Linn, Syst, Hexandria Monogynia. Hab. Many parts of Europe and North America.

Med.. Prop. and Action. The Root or Bhizome is carminative and mildly stimulant. It may be advantageously exhibited in the form of infusion (oz. j. ad Aq. fl. oz. xij,) in does of fl. oz. iss - fl. oz. ij.

Dose of Powdered Root gr. x - gr. xx.

48. Therapeutic Uses

In Intermittent Fevers the Acorus Calamus was formerly held in high estimation, and it is still a popular remedy in many parts of Europe and Asia. Dr. A T. Thompson states that this remedy sometimes succeeds when Quinine fails to produce any influence, and Prof. Royle * remarks that he has frequently employed it in conjunction with Chirata, Bonduc Nut, &c, and with success as an anti-periodic in Agues.

49. In Flatulence, Flatulent Colic, and Atonic Dyspepsia, the infusion (ut supra) proves very serviceable. It is a favourite remedy of the Hindoos.