Benzoin. Benjamin. A Resinous Exudation obtained from the incised stem of Styrax Benzoin. Nat, Ord. Styraceae. Linn. Syst. Decandria Monogynia. Sou. Sumatra, Borneo, Siam, and Java. Comp. Benzoic Acid (10 to 20 per cent.), and a Resin which is partly soluble in Ether.

Med. Prop. and Action. Expectorant and stimulant of the mucous membranes, particularly of the urinary and bronchial. The Benzoic Acid it contains is converted into Hippuric Acid, and is eliminated by the kidneys, the urine becoming more acid and stimulating during its administration. It is contra-indicated in all inflammatory and febrile affections. It is rarely given internally. Externally, under the name of Friar's Balsam, the compound Tincture has long been a popular stimulant application to wounds, ulcers, &c.

Offic. Prep. 1. Acidum Benzoicum (see Benzoic Acid).

2. Tinctura Benzoini Composita (Benzoin Oz

ij.; Prepared Storax oz. iss.; Balsam of Tolu oz. ss.; Socotrine Aloes gr. clx.; Rect. Sp. Oj. Prepared by maceration). Dose, fl. drm. ss. - fl. drs. iss., suspended in water by means of mucilage or yolk of egg.

Dose of the powdered gum, gr. x. - gr. xxx.

533. Therapeutic Uses

In Constipation depending apparently upon Stricture of the Colon, Drs. C. Hastings and Streeten * state that the Tincture of Benzoin (ante) will serve to keep up the peristaltic motion without irritating the bowels. In their practice they have seen gutt. xx. taken thrice daily succeed in keeping the bowels active and regular.

534. In Pyrosis, The Late Dr

Baillie was in the habit of employing f3j. of the Tincture {ante) incorporated with Mucilage. He states that he generally found it most efficacious. Dr. Symonds states that he can bear testimony to its value in this affection.

535. In Strumous Laryngitis, Attended With Cough And Copious Expectoration, Dr

Cheyne § found the following formula particularly serviceable: - ft. T. Benzoin. Co. f3j., Mucilag. AcaciAe f3j., Syr. Papav. Alb. f3j., Aq. Cinnam. f3vj., M. ft. haust.

536. In Chronic Laryngitis And Chronic Catarrhs, Mm

Trousseau and Pidoux|| consider that Benzoin fumigations are of great service. They advise the air of the patient's apartment to be impregnated with the vapour of Benzoin, the drug being thrown upon burning coals; or it may be inhaled from a common inhaler, the balsam being placed in boiling water.

537. In Irritable States Of The Bladder, Dr

Prout¶ derived much benefit from the Tincture of Benzoin associated or alternated with Infusion of Diosma. It should be given, he observes, in small doses, largely diluted, and persevered in for a long time, a seton or issue being at the same time established over the region of the kidneys. Mr. Soden,* of Bath, relates four cases successfully treated with this medicine. On account of the Benzoic Acid it contains, it would be indicated as a diuretic where the kidneys require stimulating, and in cases of phosphatic deposit and of alkaline urine.

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