A Solution of the Ammonio-Citrate of Bismuth. Introduced by Mr. Schacht, of Clifton. The solution is perfectly transparent, with a slight alkaline reaction.

Med. Prop. and Action. The advantages of this fluid are derived from the fact that the metal is in a state of perfect solution. Hence, although it contains only 8 grs. of Oxide of Bismuth to the fl. oz., a fluid drachm is equivalent to a dose of 15 grs. of White Bismuth. It mixes with water and other fluids without precipitation. Dr. Martyn¶ of Bristol states that he finds it act better than older preparations. It allays pain in acute irritability of the stomach (without nausea or much acidity), especially that which remains after ulceration. He is in the habit of giving it simply diluted with water.

Dose, fl. drm. ss. - fl. drs. iss.

Therapeutic Uses. Same as those of Bismuthum Album.