Brucine. C46H26N2O8. An Alkaloid found in the bark and seeds of Strychnos Nux Vomica. It differs from Strychnine in being more readily soluble in water and alcohol, and in being coloured red by Nitric Acid.

Med. Prop. and Action. Said to be the same as those of 8trychnine and Stryehnos Nux Vomica According to the observations of Magendi--. it possesses one-twelfth of the activity of Strychnia. The dose may be increased from half a gram to three or four grains, or until it produces mu-twitchings. Its operation requires to be closely watched. Dr. Garrod,* however, asserts that Brucia when pure is almost inert. He states that it does not produce any of the effects of Strychnia, even when given in large doses. He adds, it is perhaps tonic and anti-periodic.

Dote, gr. 1/3 - gr. iij.

Therapeutic Uses are similar to those of Strychnia.

564. In Lead Palsy, Brucine Has Been Employed By M

Briche-teau. He commences with gr. 1/3 - 1/2 daily, and gradually increases the dose until it produces tetanic twitches. Although the dose was, in some cases, increased to several grains daily, it did not cause, in any instance, either headache or disturbance of the intellect He considers its advantage over Strychnia is, that it may be administered safely in larger doses. It appears probable that its activity may depend upon the presence of a proportion of Strychnia