Chloride of Calcium. CaCl. Called also the Muriate and Hydrochlorate of Lime. A compound of Calcium 36.03, and Chlorine 63.97, in 160 parts; or 1 Eq. Calcium=20+ 1 Chlorine=35.5 = 55.5, Eq. Wt.

Med. Prop. and Action. In small doses, the Chloride of Calcium is stimulant, increasing the action of the secreting organs; if long continued, it appears to act specifically upon the lymphatie; glandular system, causing the reduction or absorption of glandular and other tumours. In large doses, it acts as an acro-narcotic poison, drs. iiiss. proving fatal to a dog in six hours. It should always be commenced in small doses, increased with caution, and immediately discontinued if it produce nausea, vomiting, or giddiness. An aqueous solution (iij. ad Aq. Dest. f xij.) is ordered in D). Ph., of which the dose is exx. gradually increased to f3j. It is the only form in which it can bo safely administered. Milk is the best vehicle for its exhibition. In medicinal action it very much resembles the Chloride of Barium.

Dose, gr. v. - xv. in aqueous solution.

Incompatibles. All the mineral acids except the Hydrochloric; all the alkalies and their carbonates, except Ammonia.

595. Therapeutic Uses

In Scrofzila, the Chloride of Calcium was first advised by Fourcroy, and it was subsequently employed with success in several instances by Dr. Beddoes.* Others have testified to its value. Dr. Wood speaks of it as a safe and efficacious remedy; Dr. A. T. Thompson states that he has seen more benefit from its continued use than from any other medicine; and M. Cazenave§; considers that it is a valuable remedy, having successfully employed it in several cases. In opposition to this evidence, Dr. Thompson,|| of Edinburgh, states that he found its use prejudicial in many cases of Scrofula, and Mr. Samuel Cooper¶ observes that he gave it in several instances without benefit. M. Cazenave advises it in doses of gr. xv. - xxx. daily, in some vegetable infusion.

596. In Chronic Cutaneous Diseases, M

Cazenave** speaks highly of the value of the Chloride of Calcium. He found it particularly serviceable in Lupus, Eczema, and Impetigo. The doses and vehicle advised by him are similar to those named in the preceding section.

597. In Non-Malignant Tumours Of The Ovaries, It Is Recommended By Dr

Seymour, and it was found serviceable by Dr. Hamilton in Ovarian Dropsy, Calcis Carbonas PrAecipitata. See Creta PrAeparata.