Tamus Communis. Black Bryony.

Nat. Ord. Cucurbitaceae. Linn. Syst. Dicia Hexandria.

Hab. England and Northern Europe. 566. Therapeutic Uses. In Bruise Marks, "Black Eye," Ecchy-mosis of the Conjunctiva, Mr. Tyrrell states that the best application, and one employed by professed pugilists, is a poultice black Bryony root (deprived of its external bark), finely scraped, and mixed with bread-crumbs or flour, so as to form it of a proper consistence. This should be inclosed in a thin muslin bag, and placed over the ecchymosis, which in most instances -will disappear in forty-eight hours. A fresh application is required every six or eight hours. So efficacious is this plant considered in France, that it is there called " the herb for bruised women." Internally, given in the form of infusion, it is diuretic, and is advised by Arnaud § in passive dropsy.