CanellAe Cortex. The Bark of Canella alba. Nat. Ord. GuttiferAe. Linn. Syst. Dodecandria Mono-gynia. Source, South America and West Indies.

Med. Prop. and Action. An aromatic stimulant. Its activity depends upon an acrid volatile oil, a resin, and a bitter extractive. It also contains starch and a crystalline saccharine substance, Canelline (Mannite). Internally, it is chiefly used as an adjunct to resinous cathartics, to correct their griping quality. The powdered leaves of this tree, observes Dr. O'shaughnessy, yield their active principles and colouring matter to melted lard, and give a good substitute for savine ointment for exciting a discharge from blistered surfaces.

Dose, gr. x. - gr. xxx. in powder.

677. Therapeutic Uses, Very Limited

It is occasionally employed in Dyspepsia, Atonic Gout, Chronic Rheumatism, Secondary Syphilis, in Debility, and other diseases, when a warm aromatic is indicated. In Scurvy, it is said to prove useful. It is generally given in combination with other remedies, as Aloes, fee.