Dr. O'shaughnessy relates one case in which he employed this remedy, and, although the result was eventually fatal, it afforded great temporary benefit and alleviation of the symptoms. He advises the resin in soft pills, to the extent of gr. x. - xx., to be chewed by the patient, and repeated according to the effect produced.

682. In Chorea, It Has Been Found A Useful Palliative

Dr. C. Williams found it afford relief during the period of its exhibition; but he adds that it seemed to exert no radical effect on the disease, for the symptoms returned when the medicine was discontinued. Under its use, the appetite greatly increased, and the general health improved. Dr. Pereira§; speaks favourably of its use.

683. In Delirium Tremens, Dr

0'shaughnessy|| states that he has given the Tincture a very extensive trial, and that the results are satisfactory. In its operation it resembles opium and wine, but is much more certain than these remedies. In the cases in which the Opium treatment is applicable, Hemp will be found more effectual. It produces a great change in the mind of the patient, "the horrors," as they are emphatically called, passing into a state of cheerful and boisterous mirth, and the patient sinks into a happy sleep. Discrimination is of course necessary in the employment of this remedy.

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