One case of convulsions occurring in a child forty days old, in which Hemp was employed, and the child recovered, is related by Dr. O'shaughnessy. The case is highly interesting and curious, but of little practical value, as few practitioners, if any, will be bold enough to employ so dangerous a remedy, in the large doses in which it was given in this case, to children of such tender years.

685. In Menorrhagia And Uterine Hmorrhage, The Tincture Of Hemp, In Doses Of Gutt

v. - x. thrice daily, has been successfully employed by Dr. Churchill,* of Dublin, on the recommendation of Dr. Macguire. Dr. Churchill, after an extensive trial of its virtues, states that it was productive of extraordinary success, both in the number relieved and the rapidity of cure. In impending Abortion, he also found it very effectual in several cases.

686. In Sciatica, Tic Douloureux, and Neuralgic Affections, Cannabis appears to act most beneficially. Mr. Donovan, of Dublin, quotes several cases, both in his own practice and in that of others, in which its use was attended with the most unequivocal success. Those who were not cured were all more or less relieved by its use. Dr. C. B. Williams and Dr. Clendin-ning also mention cases of this description, which were benefited by its use.

687. In Hay Fever And Hay Asthma, Dr

Mackenzie§; states that he has seen such favourable effects from Indian Hemp, in cases of morbid irritability of the nervous system, that he is induced to recommend a trial of it in the present disease.

688. In lingering and protracted labours depending upon atony of the Uterus, and insufficiency of uterine contractions, Dr. Chris-tison|| found the Tincture of Indian Hemp highly serviceable. He relates several cases in which it was given with unequivocal effect. He gave it in doses of gutt. xxx., and remarks that in none of the instances in which he administered it, were the ordinary physiological effects produced; there was no excitement or intoxicating action, and there did not seem to be the least tendency to sleep. Compared with Ergot of Rye, he observes: - 1, While the effect of the Ergot does not come on for some considerable time, that of Hemp, if it is to appear, is observed within two or three minutes; - 2, The action of Ergot is of a lasting character; that of Hemp is confined to a few pains, shortly after its administration; - 3, The action of Hemp is more energetic, and perhaps more certainly induced, than that of Ergot.

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689. In Violent Palpitation Of The Heart, Dr

Christison* found the Indian Hemp succeed when all other remedies had failed to afford relief. He quotes a case of twenty-one years' standing in which it had a very beneficial effect.

690. In Eczema with intense itching, when Morphia in large doses not only failed to procure sleep, but appeared to aggravate the severity of the pruritus, the Tincture of Hemp, in doses of gutt. xxv., induced sleep and comparative ease. It was continued every night for six weeks, without increasing the original dose, until the eruption was nearly removed, but the itching continued as before when the patient was awake. It might prove useful in Prurigo Pudendi Muliebris.