Pyro-acetic Ether. Pyro-acetic Spirit. C6H6O2. A product of the distillation of Acetate of Lime, with excess of quick-lime; it is a colourless, volatile, inflammable liquid, with a peculiar penetrating smell and pungent taste like that of peppermint. Sp. Gr. 0.792.

Med. Prop, and Action. Acetone is possessed of considerable powers as an anaesthetic, and some experiments with it by M. Bechamp¶ were attended with satisfactory results. He describes it as less disagreeable to inhale than amylene, at the same time that it is more rapid in its action and less permanent in its effects.He found it to act on rabbits in thirty seconds, and the insensibility induced was complete: the rabbits recovered after a very prolonged inhalation, from which it is inferred that it is less dangerous than chloroform or amylene. Further trials with it are required to establish its real value as an anaesthetic on man.

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