An oily liquid, very similar in appearance to Creasote, with a strong, unpleasant smell, and a hot, pungent taste. C26H18O2 = HO,C26Hl7O. It is formed by the action of Potassa, Iodine, or Hydrated Phosphoric Acid, upon Oleum Carui, Oleum Thymi, and, according to Claus, by the action of Iodine on Camphor. Schweitzer has shown that the product from Camphor is the same as that obtained from 01. Carui.

Therapeutic Uses. Not well ascertained.

750. In Toothache, Dr

Bushman* states that it is more efficacious than Creasote. It should be applied on a piece of cotton to the decayed or painful tooth, and is stated to afford immediate relief.