Cera Flava. Yellow Wax.

Cera Alba. White Wax, or Bleached Wax.

Wax is the prepared Honeycomb of Apis Mellifica, the Hive Bee. It is a compound of three substances, Cerine, Myricine, and Ceroleine.

Med. Prop. and Action. Demulcent and emollient. The White Wax is the only kind administered internally. Externally, it is valuable, as the basis of a large number of ointments, cerates, and plasters.

Qfflc. Prep. of White Wax. Unguentum Simplex (see Adeps).

Yellow and White Wax are also contained in several of the officinal ointments, and Yellow Wax in some of the plasters.

Dose of White Wax, gr. x. - gr. xx. in emulsion.

784. Therapeutic Uses

In Dysentery, Diarrhoea, and in Catarrhs, White Wax is occasionally exhibited, with a view of sheathing abraded and irritable surfaces. It is advised to melt the wax with olive oil, and then to mix the oily compound, while hot, with a mucilaginous fluid, by triturating with the yolk of an egg. Dose of the emulsion, a small cupful containing about gr. xx. of Wax, every four or five hours. (A. T. Thompson.)

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