Mexican Tea Plant. Nat. Ord. Chenopodeae. Linn. Syst. Pentandria Digynia. Hab. Mexico and Brazil. (Erva de Sancta Maria, Vern.)

Med. Prop. and Action. Anti-spasmodic and anthelmintic. The seeds and leaves yield an essential oil which possesses these properties in a great degree. As a vermifuge, it is a popular Brazilian remedy. It is particularly adapted for children.

Dose of the Oil, gutt ij. - iv. - vj.

801. Therapeutic Uses

In Hysterical Affections, Dr. Darent* states that its effects are very marked. He speaks highly of its efficacy, and ranks it next in power to Valerian. In Chorea, he also found it serviceable. As a vermifuge, it agrees closely with the following article, for which it is often substituted in America.