C. Vulvaria. Stinking Goosefoot or Orach. A native of many parts of Europe and North America.

* Med. Times, vol. xviii. p. 250.

On the Management of Children, see p. 496.

Med. Prop. awl Action. The whole plant is extremely fetid, and has long been esteemed emmenagogue and stimulant.

Dose of the inspissated juice or extract, gr. v. - gr. x., night and morning.

805. Therapeutic Uses

Amenorrha. Dr. Kreig,* of Leipsic, records several cases of Amenorrha in which the recently expressed juice of this plant was successfully employed. By drying or keeping, he found that it lost much of its efficacy. There is also strong testimony in its favour from Dr. Houlton, who considers that it acts directly upon the uterus.

806. In Hysteria and other Nervous Disorders, Cullen regarded it as a powerful stimulant and anti-spasmodic.