Snowberry Tree. Nat. Ord. Ru-biaceae. Linn. Syst Pentandria Monogynia. Hab. South America, West Indies.

Med. Prop. and Action. The root of this tree, and of others of the same species, is known by the name of Cainca Root. In doses of gr. lx. of the powdered root daily, it is bitter, tonic, and diuretic; in larger doses, emetic and cathartic. It is esteemed by the Peruvians as a remedy for snake-bites. Active principle, Cainic or Caincic Acid.

Dose of the powdered root, as a tonic, gr. lx.; as a cathartic and emetic, gr. cxx. or more.

813. Therapeutic Uses

In Dropsical Affections, Cainca root has been successfully employed by M. Lemasson.* He states that it exercises a very decided influence, increasing the flow of urine, improving the appetite, and restoring the general health. He advises a decoction (3ij. of the root, fviij. of water,; boil for ten minutes, and strain), of which half is to be taken at once, and the second half after an interval of two hours. The action upon the kidneys is very decided, and continues for several days. The medicine should not be repeated until the urine diminishes. It has also been successfully employed by Caventou and Francois.