Carrageen, or Irish Moss. Nat. Ord. Alga?. Linn. Syst. Cryptogamia. Hab. The western coast of Ireland. It contains about 79 per cent. of vegetable mucilage or pectin (Carrageenin), the Chlorides of Sodium and Magnesium, and a trace of Bromine and Iodine. (Grosse.)

Med. Prop. and Action. Nutritive and demulcent. It is best given in. the form of decoction or of jelly. Thedecoction is made by macerating ss. of the Moss in warm water for ten minutes, and boiling in Oiij. of water for fifteen minutes; flavour to the taste. The jelly is made by adding sugar to the above decoction, and boiling until it assumes a gelatinous form.

867. Therapeutic Uses

In Scrofulous Affections, Phthisis, Diarrha, Rickets, Mesenteric Diseases, and Calculous Affections, Irish Moss is a highly-esteemed popular remedy; but, beyond its nutritive properties, it is of little or no value.

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