Marsh Mallow. Nat. Ord. Malvaceae. Linn. Syst. Monadelphia Polyandria. Hah. Southern Europe, England.

Med. Prop. and Action. The leaves and roots are demulcent. It is best given in the form of decoction (Althaea Root oz. iv., Raisins oz. ij., Water Ov., boil to Oiij.), of which Oj. - Oij. may be taken daily. It is also used in decoction, as a fomentation; and the boiled roots as a suppurative poultice. The Syrup (Pharm. Lond.) is a good form for children.

Therapeutic Uses. The decoction (ut supra) is a useful demulcent in visceral inflammations, in pulmonary and in calculous affections. It is used externally as a fomentation in abrasions of the skin, and in cutaneous eruptions, accompanied with a sharp ichorous discharge. (Thompson.) The syrup is a useful ingredient in cough mixtures.