In the Lithic or Uric Acid Diathesis, particularly if occurring in gouty subjects, or free livers, Sir B. Brodie * states that he has found Colchicum very useful. In the first instance, fifteen drops of the Vinum may be administered twice or thrice daily; afterwards a saline aperient and from xl - 1. drops may be occasionally given in the morning with advantage.

925. In Cystitis of Rheumatic and Gouty subjects, Colchicum is a valuable adjunct to Pareira Brava, or Buchu. Given alone, it will, in many instances, afford great relief, if not effect a cure. Sir B. Brodie considers that it is indicated when the urine is alkaline. In the Nephritis of Gouty subjects, it is advised by Dr. Copland, conjoined with Magnesia. In Orchitis, occurring in the same class of persons, Colchicum is sometimes productive of excellent effects. Mr. Saunders,§ R.N., relates a case which, after resisting all other treatment, speedily yielded to Colchicum and fomentations.

926. In Senile Enlargement Of The Prostate Gland, It Often Proves Effectual

This is, in a measure, accounted for by the fact that this affection frequently occurs in persons of a gouty diathesis. It may advantageously be combined with other remedies, thus: -926 In Senile Enlargement Of The Prostate Gland It 67 Ext. Colchici gr. j., Pil. Hydrarg. gr. j., Ext. Colocynth. Co. gr. iij., M. ft. pil. bis quotid. sumend.

927. In Inflammation, and in some Febrile Diseases, Colchicum, from its power of depressing the action of the heart and arterial system, as well as from its purgative and diuretic action, seems a remedy peculiarly adapted to these cases. It is, doubtless, highly useful when the disease assumes a rheumatic character, and proves a valuable auxiliary to blood-letting and other antiphlogistic means; but it should not be trusted to alone, and its operation should be carefully watched, as it is apt, in some instances, to produce an alarming degree of depression. In Pleuritis, Bronchitis, and other inflammatory Pulmonary Affections, it is recommended by Mr. Haden.|| Mr. Embling¶ also states that in Scarlatina, measles, Small-Pox, Influenza, and in every other form of Fever, when there has been the slightest manifestation of inflammatory action, he has found Vin. Colchici of the highest service, and superior in efficacy to salines. He found it highly useful in checking the evening exacerbations of febrile diseases, and in shortening their duration. In Scarlatina, Dr. R. Lewin * insists strongly on the value of this remedy; and in controlling the delirium and coma of this fever, it was found very effectual by Prof. H. Bennett. In Acute Synovitis, it is a valuable adjunct to other remedial measures.

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928. In Dropsy, Colchicum was proposed as a remedy by Baron Stoerck; and when given so as to produce its diuretic and. purgative action, it has been found useful. It is chiefly useful in the sthenic forms, and when it occurs in gouty or rheumatic subjects; but even here its operation should be carefully watched. In Hydrothorax and Hydrocephalus, it has also been advised by the German physicians; but it appears to be inferior to Digitalis. In the Anasarca of old persons, Dr. Pereira states that he has found it beneficial when given in combination with salines. In Anasarca following Fevers, Dr. Darwell § states that he has found it very efficacious, and that it frequently acts powerfully on the kidneys when other medicines fail to make any impression. He advises the following mixture: -926 In Senile Enlargement Of The Prostate Gland It 68 Spirit. Colchici Ammo-niati f3ij., Potass. Sesquicarb. 3j., Infus. Spartii fviij., M. cap. fss. - fj. 3tiis horis.

929. In Chronic Bronchitis, the Acetum Colchici, in combination with Squills and Henbane, has appeared to afford evident relief in many instances. It is favourably spoken of by Dr. Hastings. ||