The Bark of Croton pseudo-China, Copalche Bush; the Croton Cascarilla, of Don; the Croton Suberosum, of Humboldt. Nat. Ord. Euphorbiaceae. Linn. Syst. Monoccia Monadelphia. Source, Chili and Mexico.

Med. Prop. and Action, and Therap. Uses. Dr Stark, || who introduced Copalchi into practice, states that it possesses a light tonic property; and that its use has been attended with excellent effects, when Quinine and the stronger tonics are inadmissible. He mentions several cases of aggravated Dyspepsia, in which he found it eminently serviceable. He recommends a decoction or infusion (ss., Aq. Oj.), in doses of fl. oz. iss., twice or thrice daily. Of the Tincture (j., Spirit. Ten. Oj.), the dose is fl. drm. j. - fl. drs. ij. Its activity appears to depend upon a yellow, bitter extractive. Mr. Howard discovered in it a bitter crystalline alkaloid (Copalchin), which in some of its chemical reactions resembles Quinine.