Nat. Ord. Crassulaceae. Linn.

Syst. Decandria Pentagynia. Bab. Great Britain.

Med. Prop. and Therap. Uses. The expressed juice of this plant has recently been proposed as a remedy for Epilepsy. Mr Salter,¶ of Poole, relates one case successfully treated with it; and Dr Bullar,** after employing it in several instances, considers, that though it does not effect a cure, it considerably modifies the severity of the attacks, and the frequency of their return. Cases of Epilepsy in which it appeared useful have been recorded by Dr. Sieveking, but Dr. Peacock failed to notice any beneficial effects in four cases in which he tried it. The dose of the fresh juice is fl. oz. j.; of the inspissated extract, gr. xxx., twice or thrice daily.

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