19. To Burns And Scalds,

Mr. Cleghorn, a brewer of Edinburgh, advised the use of vinegar; and for many years his treatment was followed by the profession, in Europe and America. He recommended the immediate application of vinegar to the burnt surface, which was continued until the pain abated; and when this returned, the application was repeated. If there were eschars, they, after the pain ceased, were covered with a poultice for six or eight hours; after which, the parts were sprinkled with finely-powdered chalk, so as to remove every appearance of moisture. The whole surface was then poulticed again, and the same plan was resumed every night and morning until the cure was complete. A plain animal diet, a small quantity of wine or beer, tonic and stimulant medicines, formed the remainder of the treatment. Purgatives were strictly forbidden.

20. To Milk Or Mammary Abscesses, Warm Vinegar Is Stated By

Dr. Deweesji to be so successful in the early stage of the disease, that we need not, in general, look for any other remedy. " It is," he states, "particularly useful, when the breasts are greatly and painfully distended with milk; and it should be perseveringly employed for 24 hours." His testimony in its favour is very strong. Should it fail, leeches, poultices, &c. must be had recourse to.

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21. Particles of Lime in the Eye are effectually dissolved, and the pain eased, by bathing the eye with diluted vinegar.

22. In Obesity, The Internal Use Of Vinegar, In Large Draughts, Is A Popular Remedy

The practice is only mentioned here to be condemned, obstinate and serious dyspepsia being the almost certain consequence of the practice.