3026. In Insanity, Purgatives Should Be Freely Employed

The stronger ones, as Croton Oil or Scammony, are generally indicated. Their value is universally admitted. In Delirium Tremens, purgatives are usually advised, but they require great care and circumspection in their use. I have frequently seen an increase of the symptoms follow the use of even a dose of Castor Oil. When employed, they should be of a stimulant nature, and not too violent. A mercurial purgative at the outset of the attack may be given with advantage.

3027. In Hydrocephalus, purgatives should never be omitted, unless much gastric irritation is present, when purgative enemas may be substituted. Various medicines have been advised; thus, toasted Jalap is prescribed by Golis, Calomel by Dr. D. Davis, Hydrarg. c. Cret. by Thompson, the Citrate of Magnesia by Cheyne, Elaterium by Elliotson, and Croton Oil by Abercrombie. The form does not much signify, so long as it is moderately active.

3028. In Epilepsy, dependent upon Plethora, active purgation has long been considered a necessary and useful measure. Dr. Radcliffe,* who has examined the subject, concludes his able observations by stating that there is no evidence that any purgative is necessary in Epilepsy, unless to remove some accidental accumulation in the bowels.

3029. In Chorea, Purgatives Are Advised By The Best Authorities

It appears from the observations of Dr. Bardsley, that the disease yields much more speedily under antispasmodics and purgatives combined, than under either, when employed singly.

3030. In Hysteria, Purgatives Prove Occasionally Useful

If connected with torpor of the uterine system, Aloes may be given; if with biliary derangement, mercurials; and if with plethora, salines. They must be varied according to circumstances.

3031. In Tetanus, Purgatives Have Been Used With Great Advantage

Sir J. M'Grigor reports favourably of a persevering use of purgatives, given so as to produce daily a full effect. Croton Oil and Turpentine are perhaps the most serviceable.

3032. In Paralysis Agitans, active purgatives were found very efficacious by Riedlin, who strongly advocates their employment.

3033. In Tic Douloureux, and other Neuralgic Affections, much benefit is often obtained from active purging, particularly when we have reason to suspect that they arise from a deranged state of the bowels. Sir C. Bell* and others have found great benefit from the following pills: -3031 In Tetanus Purgatives Have Been Used With Gre 253 Ol. Croton. Tig. gutt. j. - ij., Ext. Coloc. Co. 3j., M. Of this mass, gr. v. with gr. x. of Pil. Galban. Co., are given at bedtime nightly.

* Med. Times, May 24 and June 14, 1851.

Med.-Chir. Trans., vol. vi.

3034. In Anasarca, Ascites, and Dropsical Affections, active purgatives are often of great service. The hydragogue cathartics, as Elaterium, Gamboge, &c, are the most generally applicable. Cream of Tartar is also particularly valuable. Their use is often attended with speedy and decided improvement; but great caution is necessary in their exhibition when the patient is greatly debilitated. As Dr. Joy observes, they should not be uninterruptedly administered, and the strength will often require to be supported under their use, by tonics and stimulants, and a light but nutritious diet.