95. In Colica Pictonum, Alum Is One Of The Most Efficacious Remedies We Possess

It was introduced into England, from Holland, by Dr. Percival in 1774, and since that period, it has been extensively employed. The theory of its action is, that it converts the poisonous salt of lead in the system into a comparatively innocuous sulphate. Sir J. Murray § extols its efficacy, and advises it in doses of gr. xv. every two hours. He found that, in these doses, it frequently acts as a purgative, and is productive of unequivocal benefit. Dr. Copland || adds his testimony to its value, and advises its combination with Opium and Camphor. Dr. Brachet¶ states that he has employed it in 150 cases with complete success. He gives 3iss. to 3ij. daily, with gutt. xl. - 1. T. Opii. At the same time, he thinks it of importance to procure one or two evacuations from the bowels daily, by means of Croton or Castor oil.

96. In Infantile Cholera, Alum, In Doses Of From 3ss

- 3j. daily, was found by Dr. Durr** to be signally successful. Of sixty-seven cases thus treated he lost only seven. The age of the children varied from the period of birth to fifteen months. It may be advantageously combined with sedatives.

97. In Chronic Dysentery, Alum was formerly held in high repute, although little employed at the present day. It has been advised, variously combined, by Birnstiel, Loos, Hunnius, Michaelis, Hargens, &c. Mosely and Jackson employed it, in conjunction with Sulphate of Zinc, by the mouth and in injec-tions; and Adair found it useful, combined with opium and aromatics, in epidemic dysentery, occurring amongst negroes (Copland). I have seen benefit from Alum, in doses of gr. xxx. daily, given in conjunction with Dover's Powder, but have always attributed the benefit derived from the formula to the latter medicine.

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98. In Chronic Diarrhoea, depending upon a relaxed condition of the mucous intestinal membrane, Alum, given internally, to the extent of gr. xxx. - gr. lx. daily, is often attended with great amelioration. It may also be employed in the form of enema. Drs. Adair * and Harrison speak favourably of it, in this class of cases. It may be advantageously given in the formula advised by Dr. Joy: -96 In Infantile Cholera Alum In Doses Of From 3ss 8 Alum. gr. x., Pulv. Kino gr. x., Conf. RosAe q. s., ft. pil. sextis horis sumend.

99. In Catarrhal Affections Of The Stomach, Sir J

Murray § speaks in the highest terms of Alum. In one aggravated case, attended with Pyrosis, a complete cure was effected by Alum in electuary (ante), in doses of gr. xxij. thrice daily. He considers that it renders the mucous coats more firm, and restores their tone and strength.

100. In Prolapsus Of The Rectum, The Injection Of A Solution Of Alum (Gr

lx. - gr. cxx. ad Aq. A. oz. viij.) proves serviceable. It may also be used with advantage in bleeding and painful Piles, when unattended by inflammation.