1623. In Gout, Iodine Has Been Advised, Both Externally And Internally

Speaking of its internal use, Dr. Robertson remarks, " There can be little question, that in many chronic and no small proportion of irregular Gout cases, and in many cases of confirmed Gout, Iodine, when carefully used between the paroxysms, is most useful; the more so of course, other things being equal, the more cachectic the habit, or the more that a scrofulous condition seems to be mixed up with the Gout." It should be administered in small doses and in the mildest forms. Externally applied, it is a remedy of great value. It was first proposed by Dr. Davies, who states that its application (Iodine ij., Spirit fj., Water f5yj. - fj.) once or twice affords almost immediate relief. Dr. Todd§; also recommends a similar practice; and Dr. Pereira || states, that, according to his experience, no remedy gives so much relief, and that he has rarely known it to fail. "It deserves, however," adds Dr. Pereira, " especial notice that the skin of different individuals is most unequally susceptible of its influence; in some few it excites great pain, whilst, in others, it produces scarcely any. It is particularly useful when any effusion into the synovial membranes or sheaths has taken place." (See also Potassii Iodidum.)

1624. In Acute Rheumatism, Applied As In Gout, It Is Of Great Service

It should not interfere with internal treatment. It may also be given internally, with Quinine. Dr. Nevins¶ states that he has seen benefit from the combination. In Rheumatic Gout, Trousseau** speaks highly of the value of the Tincture given internally, commencing with small doses and gradually increasing them till 150 drops are taken daily, in divided doses. In Gonorrhal Rheumatism, Dr. Fuller* directs the cold douche to be first applied to the affected joint; then active friction for a few minutes; and lastly, lint steeped in a weak solution of Iodine to be laid on the part, which, covered with layers of flannel, should be left on till next morning. This he regards as the most effective treatment.

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