2754. In Cancer Of The Uterus, Dr

Dewees found the Spirit of Turpentine, in doses of gutt. xx., procure sleep, when it could not be obtained from Opium.

2755. Gonorrha, Gleet, and Leucorrha, when chronic and unattended by inflammatory symptoms, often improve under Turpentine, in small and repeated doses. Dr. Pereira states that he has frequently employed it in the former affections as a substitute for Copaiba; and considers that it acts by setting up a new kind of irritation in the affected membrane, which supersedes the previously existing disease.

2756. In Suppression Of Urine, Dr

Pereira§; found the Oil of Turpentine succeed in reproducing the urinary secretion, when other powerful diuretics had failed. It has also been advised in Ulceration, and some other Chronic Affections of the Kidneys.

2757. When an Urinary Calculus is present in the Bladder, it often gives rise to intense agony. This may be frequently relieved by an enema composed of fl. oz. ss. of the Oil of Turpentine, mixed with the white of an egg, and Oj. of Barley or Rice water. It should not, however, supersede the use of the hip-bath, Opium, and the internal administration of the fixed alkalies. (Dr. Cummin. ||)

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2758. In Cerebral Affections, the Oil of Turpentine, under certain circumstances, proves valuable as a revulsive and derivative- (See Fevers.) In Apoplexy, connected with constitutional debility, and in all cases in which medicine cannot be given by mouth, the greatest benefit has sometimes followed the administration of an enema containing the Oil of Turpentine. If the patient can swallow, it may be given by mouth, with an equal quantity of Oleum Pacini.

2759. Puerperal Mania, When It Assumes A Chronic Form, Is Best Treated By Stimulants

Of these, Dr. Prichard* says, the Oil of Turpentine, when not offensive to the stomach, is the best we can employ. Dose, f3j. thrice daily, in Cinnamon-water. In Ordinary Mania, Turpentine, in full doses (fl. oz. ij.), is highly serviceable as a purgative and derivative.

2760. Other Diseases

In Purpura HAemorrhagica, Dr. Neligan employed the Oil of Turpentine with invariable benefit. He gave it in doses sufficient to purge freely, which object is more certainly attained by combining it with Castor Oil. To a child set. six years he gave f 3ij., night and morning, for five successive days. It is also advised by Drs. Nichol, Magee, and T. Smith. Dr. Budd also relates a case in which its efficacy was unequivocal. Dr. Pereira,§ however, states that he has seen it act injuriously, while blood-letting has seemed to relieve; but these cases must be regarded as exceptions to the general rule.

2761. In Melna, The Oil Of Turpentine Has Been Successfully Employed By Drs

Adair, Cheyne, Elliotson, Brooke, Copland, and others. Dr. Brooke's formula is as follows: -2761 In Melna The Oil Of Turpentine Has Been Succe 236 Ol. Terebinth. gutt. xxv., Aq. Cinnam. fj., Syr. Aurant. f3j., M. ft. haust. ter in die sumend.