447. In Hysteria, Assaftida Is One Of The Most Powerful Medicines Which We Possess

Its operation is generally speedy, uniform, and permanent. Its use is not confined to one form more than another, although its effects are more readily evidenced in persons of weak and debilitated constitutions than in the stout and robust. The following is a popular form for its administration: -447 In Hysteria Assaftida Is One Of The Most Power 45 T. Assaftid., T. Castorei, T. Valerian Am. 53 ft. drs. ij., Mist Camph. fl. oz. vij., M. Dose, one or two tablespoonfuls every hour. During a paroxysm, Dr. Conolly* advises an enema, containing f3j. - f3ij. of the T. of Assaftida. Dr. Graves considers that it is generally given in too small doses.

448. In Excessive Palpitations Of The Heart, Dr

Lombard, of Geneva, states that Assaftida, applied externally in the form of Emp. Galban, Co. (L. Ph.) over the region of the heart, seldom fails to quiet palpitations. Internally exhibited it produced the same effect, which was of a more permanent character than that induced by other remedies.

449. In Dyspepsia attended with Hypochondriasis, and other Nervous Affections, Assaftida, in combination with bitter tonics and mild aperients, may often be given with advantage. In these cases, it is best given in the form of pill.

450. In Nervous Affections, Chorea, Epilepsy, §c, connected with Uterine derangement, it is also a remedy of great value. When it is desired to produce a speedy and decided effect, the tincture should be given; but its effects are more permanent if administered in substance.

451. In the Convulsions of childhood during dentition, an enema, containing a small portion of Assaftida, appears to mitigate the severity and the duration of the convulsion.

452. Against Lumbrici Or Round Worms,

Dr. Cazin regards Assaftida as a valuable vermifuge, particularly when the presence of intestinal worms gives rise to sympathetic nervous affections. It thus fulfils a twofold indication. He mentions two cases of Chorea and one of Epilepsy, in which Assaftida not only revealed the true cause (Lumbrici), but effected a cure. He advises it in doses of gr. iv. - gr. xxx., in powder, in combination with Calomel; or, in ana?mic subjects, with the black oxide of Iron. Against Guinea- Worm, it is regarded, in India, as a specific*

* Cyc. Pract. Med. art. Hysteria. Brit, and For. Med. Rev., vol. i. p. 265.

Dublin Quarterly Journal, May 1850.

453. In Delirium, when the vital powers are greatly depressed, anti-spasmodics and stimulants are indicated. Of these, Assa-ftida is spoken of in high terms by Wanters and others. It should be combined with Camphor, Musk, &c.