459. In Spasmodic Coughs And Obstinate Hiccoughs, Dr

De-breyne* speaks highly of the efficacy of Belladonna, in doses of gr. j. - ij., thrice daily.

460. In Nervous Coughs, M

Sandras strongly recommends the internal use of Belladonna. He states that in doses of I of a grain of the Extract, every half-hour, it proves very efficacious; and that it is rare to give five or six doses before an improvement is visible.

461. In Laryngismus Stridulus, Belladonna promises to be a remedy of value; it deserves a further trial. An instance is mentioned by Mr. Cooper, in which gr. 1/4 of the Extract, in a little sugar and water, thrice daily, was attended with a great amelioration. Ultimate recovery took place.

462. In Spasmodic Stricture of the Urethra, and of the Sphincters of the Bladder and Rectum, the local application of the Extract is often attended with advantage. It may be smeared on a bougie, and thus introduced into the urethra, or it may be rubbed into the perinAeum.§ In Irritable Bladder, Belladonna, carried to the extent of inducing its toxical effects, proved effectual in the hands of Mr. H. Behrend.||

463. In Chorea, Belladonna Has Been Long Held In High Esteem

It is chiefly useful when the disease arises from irritability of the cerebral and nervous systems, but is of comparatively little service when it arises from other causes. Cullen¶ speaks highly of it, and Stoll found it successful in doses of gr. 1/6 every six hours.

464. In Epilepsy, arising from irritability of the nervous system, Belladonna proves useful as a sedative and palliative. Dr. Debreyne** states that he has found it of the greatest service, in doses of gr. j. - ij. daily, and gradually increasing the quantity. He conjoins it with infusion of Valerian. When the attack comes on every two or three months, the medicine should be given a week or two before the expected invasion. It may be advantageously combined with Argent. Nit. and other mineral tonics. Further evidence in favour of Belladonna in Epilepsy has been adduced by Trousseau,

465. In Tic Douloureux and other Neuralgic Affections, Belladonna, applied over the seat of pain, affords, in many instances, a great amount of relief. Dr. Debreyne states that for fifteen years he has constantly employed the following ointment, and that it has afforded relief in all forms of Neuralgia, Sciatica excepted: -463 In Chorea Belladonna Has Been Long Held In Hig 47 Ext. Belladon. ss., Pulv. Opii ij., Adipis ss., Ol. Thymi gutt. vj., M. Mr. Bailey,* Dr. Hutchinson, Dr. Dangerfield, and others, also bear testimony to the value of Belladonna in these cases, whether employed externally or internally. Mr. Hunt§ also speaks highly of its efficacy, particularly in that which arises from uterine derangement. After the administration of a warm purgative, Mr. Hunt gives gr. j. of the Extract, for three successive hours. When a decided check has been thus given to the pain, 1/3 - 1/2 grain is administered, twice or thrice daily. This has been found sufficient to keep under both the pain and the morbid sensibility. A dose may be taken at any time when the pain is expected to return.

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466. In the Intercostal Neuralgia attendant on Herpes Zoster, the endermic use of the Extract of Belladonna is often effectual in removing the pain. It may also be advantageously given internally.

467. In Hydrophobia, the external employment of Belladonna is advised by Pliny; and from time to time advocates for its use have been found. It was recommended by Turquetus, in 1696; by Schmidt, in 1763; by Munch, in 1779. More recently, it has been employed by Brera,|| in Italy, and by Mr. Hutchinson,¶ in England. The latter authority advises it in large doses, so as fully to develop its constitutional effects. In the hands of others it has so often failed that no reliance is now placed on it.